Heart Consciousness, weekly drop-in meditation class (Location: Israel)

Rabbi James teaches a weekly drop-in class that includes sitting practice and teachings on topics ranging from vulnerability and fear to joy and playfulness.  In addition, drawing on the Jewish calendar James reflects on spiritual wisdom the holidays can offer as seasonally appropriate. Stay tuned for more information about the 2015 – 2016 academic year.

To listen to talks from past classes, click here.


Self, Soul & Text (Location: Israel, offered through the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies)

The Self, Soul and Text: Personal Transformation in Judaism Track focuses on the spiritual, psychological, ethical and religious transformation of the individual and the community. Participants will work on transforming their moral and spiritual selves and deepening their awareness through the study of Jewish texts from the spiritual, mystical and musar traditions, performance of spiritual practices of self-transformation, processing of these practices and the experience of being they produce, field trips, guest speakers and a class retreat.  Texts and practices will be integrated in a way that students gain religious, philosophical, historical and terminological depth in the nature of Jewish spiritual practice and understand and experience the transformative power of these practices.  This course will involve intellect, soul, heart and body and so participants are asked to come with intellectual, emotional and spiritual openness, and the willingness to experiment. Information and registration through Pardes.


Personalized Study (Location: Israel, U.S., virtual)

In addition, James is available to work in-person or online with individuals and small groups, according to personal interest. Contact via