Get Involved

The intentional practice of generosity and the making of offerings to the community, known as terumah in the Torah, and Dana in Buddhist tradition, is woven throughout the Or HaLev experience.


We welcome your selfless service, especially in the following areas:



  • Offer a new practitioner your wisdom and support

  • Reach out to practitioners in your area to encourage them to practice with us

  • Open your home or work place for an Or HaLev sitting group


  • Help us connect with our community via social media

  • Help us refine and improve our website

  • Help us maintain our database


  • Donate time to encourage participation on our retreats

  • Gift a retreat space, food, meditation cushions and other essential retreat resources

  • Serve as a volunteer retreat manager or co-manager

Expert Services

Donate your professional expertise in any field.

Or HaLev can especially benefit from those with skills in the area of:

  • Accounting

  • Law

  • Human Resources Management