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Meditation Talks

Audio teachings from James’s weekly Heart Consciousness class on mindfulness practice and wisdom for everyday life:


Introduction to Jewish Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness in Jewish Sources

1. Mindfulness in Jewish Sources – Quieting Technique

2. Mindfulness in Jewish Sources – Piaseczner 2

3. Mindfulness in Jewish Sources – Piaseczner 3

Central Concepts in Hasidism

Central Concepts in Hasidism – Panentheism

Central Concepts in Hasidism – Ayin-Devekut

Central Concepts in Hasidism – Avodah be-Gashmiyut

Prayer in Hasidism

Prayer in Hasidism 1 – Centrality and Kavvanot

Prayer in Hasidism 2 – Praying for Shekhinah

Prayer in Hasidism 3 – Ecstasy and Letters

Kabbalistic teachings

The Purpose of Creation – Kabbalistic Understandings of Why We Are Here

Lurianic Kabbalah Ein Sof and Tzimtzum (The Infinite and the Contraction)

Lurianic Kabbalah Shevirat Ha-Kelim (Breaking of the Vessels)



Inviting the Demons In – A Hasidic Approach to Suffering, Conflict, and Human Failings

Non-dual Judaism

Prophecy in our Time

God as Prayer – Pinchas of Koretz

Divrei Torah/Thoughts from the Parsha

The Inner Avraham – Hachnasat Orchim/Welcoming guests and feelings

Torah Study for the Soul: Pri Ha’Aretz

Weeks 1 – 5

Ki Tisa (February 2016)



Chant text: Weekday Davening Chants – Israel

Chant recordings:

Ahava Rabba

Hareini Mikabel Alai

Elohai Neshama

Halo Chai Ani

Baruch She’amar


We Are Opening

Shiviti Havaya 1

Ein Od Milvado



Parshat Devarim, The Promised Land beyond our Comfort Zone