Old Vision Page

We believe that Judaism is a path of transformation for our lives, relationships, and the world. Our mission is to teach concrete Jewish techniques for deepening our lives and to provide opportunities for intensive contemplative Jewish practice. We do this through running and leading silent meditation retreats in the U.S., U.K., and Israel; offering online resources for at-home meditation practice; and partnering with like-minded organizations and centers.

We see the wisdom and practices we teach as a crucial part of learning to live joyfully, authentically, and responsively, and of learning to respond wholeheartedly to the basic Jewish and human call for compassion and justice.

We are guided by a commitment to the three pillars of Torah, Avodah, and Tikkun: Wisdom, Practice, and Transformation.


There is deep and relevant wisdom in our sacred texts and we are committed to sharing it in a resonant and life transforming way. Our path is grounded in deep and rigorous textual learning. We are also committed to empowering people with the tools to access and appreciate the texts, wisdom, and practices themselves.



We believe that Jewish education is about transformation, not just information, and that the key to transformation is practice. We are committed to providing opportunities for intensive Jewish contemplative practice and revealing an authentic Jewish spiritual path. We are particularly committed to reaching out toa generation of young Jews who are not served by current offerings and the many tens of thousands who have departed Judaism because they have not found the meaningful spiritual practice they were seeking. Specifically, we lead Jewish mindfulness meditation retreats, Jewish spirituality retreats, workshops, ongoing classes and individual spiritual counseling which combine meditation, chanting, prayer, text study, other Jewish spiritual practices, instructions, and personal guidance in various ways.



The result of cultivating wisdom through deep, holistic learning and committed practice is transformation. We come to live from a place of greater wholeness, openness, clarity, and loving-kindness. A more expansive, generous, and purposive way of being emerges which helps us foster relationships, families, communities, nations and a world which are more loving, compassionate and joyful. As our practice matures, the power, rootedness, and caring we bring to the work we do in the world also grows, empowering us to be agents of change with the deep inner resources necessary to do tikkun olam in an inspired, sustainable, and revolutionary way.